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Ecclissi Sterling Silver Watch, Turquoise Dial Watch, Vintage Ecclissi Excellent Condition in box with plastic cover, Designer Watch, Watch

Ecclissi Sterling Silver Watch, Turquoise Dial Watch, Vintage Ecclissi Excellent Condition in box with plastic cover, Designer Watch, Watch

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This is a gorgeous Ecclissi Sterling Silver watch with stunning Turquoise dial.
A genuine high-grade turquoise stone face done with gold number markers at the 12,3,6 and 9 with dots for the other hour indicators.
Stone has light matrixes...a couple black ones. Beautiful genuine leather brown band.
Etched with "Genuine Leather."
Beautiful in mint condition Mineral Crystal.

I have been fixing watches for years now as I have a passion for these amazing time pieces and a desire to give them new life and a new home.
I source from small family businesses and those attempting to support their families which include
single mom homes
homes with children or family members with challenges
small mom and pop shops always looking out for others in their community whether it be family, friends, the homeless and sick.
I also purchase from stores providing a local ministry to help the hungry and those who just need a second chance.
I source my watches through these amazing small businesses who sell for someone to fix up and refurbish.
I have fixed items from the 1800's to modern day vintage.
I keep a lookout for vintage and also appreciate those items in like new or never worn condition.

The specifics of this piece and my work.
This appears to be a watch that sat in storage as it came in it's original box
with the original plastic on back case and a larger plastic wrapped around the lovely sterling silver
This watch came to me with plastic
watch face, lugs and band connection.
You will receive your watch with these plastics on.
For back case I only lifted plastic enough to get my watch screwdrivers in to remove the tiny screws
as I installed a brand new lithium battery.
This watch takes a 377 which is the SR626SW as stamped on back case.
Please note, the crown still had plastic on which is meant to keep the crown from being pressed in to reserve the battery, but I removed for new battery installation.
This had been sitting stored in box for so long the battery was drained.
Noted when removing back watch plate. . .
Gasket and all parts were clearly new and untouched upon removal of back plate.
Though covered in plastic, sterling silver as you know will tarnish.
I carefully removed all tarnish from watch bezel and polished.

As for who makes these watches. . .
these were originally sold on QVC and created from designer Robert Elizondo.
Robert started making jewelry when he was still in college at Arizona State University.
He got into the business after growing up around Southwestern artists and family galleries.
However, his style really evolved when he started traveling.
Robert has stated
“I started working with producers in Italy and Europe, so I started learning more about different sides of the craft."
He was inspired by artists around the globe and came up with new ways to get creative in the industry.

While jewelry is more about style, Robert noted that watches are all about quality materials and function. Making sure the watch works correctly is always the first step. But to make Ecclissi watches stand out, he likes to incorporate the best materials he can find.

This is also why he takes pride in using sterling silver. “It was kind of my natural go-to,” he said. Adding that he saw it in all forms over the years.

Robert says that quality is the most important thing to focus on when looking for a piece of fine jewelry. He also says that people want something that’s going to last.

“One of the defining factors for people is that they want to pick it up and they want to feel the heft of it,” Robert said. “They want to feel like it’s going to last for a long time,” he added.

Since it’s a mechanical device, he stresses the importance of materials and craftsmanship. And while he acknowledges the higher price tag, he says that the investment is worth it.

Quality materials will hold up over time, but if you really want your pieces to stay in the best shape, you need to take good care of them.

one thing about any piece of sterling silver, is that the more you wear it the better it’s maintained. Silver doesn’t want to be left alone,” he said.

Thanks to the natural oils in our skin, the sterling pieces are conditioned (and often age better) over time. If you leave them sitting around, they don’t receive the same conditioning they need.

Robert is very detail oriented and you can see this in this very watch design.
It has been called a Santa Fe band and definitely draws from the culture and flair of the Santa Fe atmosphere and market streets.

I say this because I lived in New Mexico and spent vacations there seeing my grandparents.
When I moved there I had the opportunity to visit many of the reservations and local artisans.
The leather and turquoise fit the local vibe artfully as these materials are used in much of the artwork from pottery, to statues and these colors incorporated in many textiles and rugs.

I have taken photos to show that the band appears to be broken in from where it was strapped and sitting around the watch form in the box.
When I tried on and modeled, I tried on the strap furthest in towards the watch dial [so smallest fit] so you can see how that looks on.
It is an adjustable band.

The leather band is about 9.25 inches.
The back of the watch is marked "Stainless Steel Back Sterling Silver Case."
Lugs, band connections and buckle are all Sterling Silver
The back is stamped "925" twice. There is a register 22490 on back and SR626SW.
Back stamped Japan Quartz Movement and is moisture resistance.
As you know, it is not water resistant so removal for bathing, swimming, washing dishes, etc is recommended.

Crown or knob pulls out to change the hands for correct time. The knob must be pushed back in for the clock to continue keeping time.

Your watch will arrive with crown pulled out which stops the movement.
I do this after installing and checking for proper working for several hours, to preserve battery power for you.
Will be shipped with complimentary free shipping in it's original box on watch form.
To remove watch carefully squeeze watch form then gently slide off.
To set time, pull out crown, then push in to engage battery

Thank you for shopping with a small family owned business. Have a wonderful day!

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