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Pink Moissanite Ring, Engagement Ring, Leaf Ring, Moissanite Ring, Promise Ring, Gemstone Ring, Weddings, The Ring, I Do, Rings, Fall gifts

Pink Moissanite Ring, Engagement Ring, Leaf Ring, Moissanite Ring, Promise Ring, Gemstone Ring, Weddings, The Ring, I Do, Rings, Fall gifts

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Extreme Brilliance and Fire in this Stunning Alexandrite Mossanite Leaf ring. Perfect engagement or Promise ring as this is a superior ethical diamond alternative. This amazing shade appears to have hues of purple and blue and looks stuning in this Sterling Silver Leaf Ring.

Surprise her with this unique design that is sure to be timeless as this is durable and known to retain it's brilliance and light reflecting quality as it comes in at a 9.5 on the Moh's hardness scale. Known to be the highest quality diamond alternative with a sparkle and brilliance that out fires a diamond. Remarkable flash under any light source. Difficult to capture in photographs. Please note my photos are taken in natural light with no filters. I want people to see the true color and clarity, but it really is Impossible to capture the depth of brilliance and fire in these Moissanite stones.

This elegant ring would make a perfect gift for an Engagement Ring, Promise ring, birthday, anniversary, event ring, just because or wedding! Will arrive gift packaged.

This ring retails for over $324.00, get it on sale for a limited time for just 134.00 which includes Free Shipping in the United States! Arrives Gift Boxed with ribbon.

The ring is a stamped .925 Solid Sterling Silver. The size of your Moissanite gemstone is 6mm. I have this in sizes 6.75 and 7.

Due to our dedication to quality and satisfaction, we can also do other shades of blue like aqua or ice blue. This ring is available in a Pure White Moissanite at a different price.

We love the vintage inspired look of these Moissanite stones which truly are remarkable. I have compared them to vintage diamonds and hands down these have far more Fire, sparkle and brilliance.

This is not only an ethical choice, but an economical choice as we source from the best professionals for our cut Moissanite stones to offer you the highest quality stones at the very best prices. This allows you to offer an heirloom ring that won't break the bank and is sure to bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

Please be advised, as these rings are created especially in a custom size, they are considered Custom and we will not be able to accept returns on Custom Items. These stones are very special as they are created in limited supply and ring sizes vary, so it is imperative to know your proper ring size. Thank you!

See more unique designs at the front door of our Etsy shop here We have more gemstone rings under that category in our shop!

Thank you for shopping with a family owned business.
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