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Spring SALE, I just called to say I love you necklace, Telephone Watch Keychain, Graduation Gift, Heart and Key Necklace, Multiple Wear

Spring SALE, I just called to say I love you necklace, Telephone Watch Keychain, Graduation Gift, Heart and Key Necklace, Multiple Wear

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You will receive both the Necklace AND Heart Keychain with pendants and charms created by me to be worn Multiple Ways!

So you can Mix and Match away and have a blast doing it!

Speaking of blast. . .here is a BLAST from the past!

This vintage telephone reminds of an era gone by!
Remember the corded phones?
This one is a fancy one with all the bells and whistles so to speak, well, at least the receiver, hidden clock complete with a second hand and lovely details like a freshwater pearl and Swarovski green amethyst crystal finial.
This finial is topped with an exquisite antiqued  sterling silver bead cap and finished with an Argentium sterling silver balled pin for the wrapped dangle on the end of your chain.

Your finial is one of the four ways you can wear this necklace!
Wear the telephone watch as a necklace or unhook from the chain I created to enable easy removal.
You can then clip it onto the smaller easy hook or larger of the heart keychain.

Your keychain features two victorian keys!
The Key with the wrapped purple amethyst faceted heart by Swarovski shows off the facets with one of my hand wraps done in solid sterling silver.
This Key with the lovely wrapped purple heart can be unclipped from keychain and worn on the chain by itself as a focal pendant as shown in photos.
This Key with heart can also be clipped to hang from the side of the Telephone for even more of a boho look with eye catching vintage style!

Just clip the jump ring from key to one end of chain and the jump ring from heart crystal to the other end for an instant new look to your Telephone and Heart Keychain combo.

You can also wear the chain by itself and allow the pearl drop to hang as a long elegant dangle in front or back depending on the style of your dress.

An additional way to use the chain is to clip on another pendant you have.

What a perfect way to say I love you and a reminder to stay in touch for mom, grad, or other special someone!

I have been cleaning, fixing and revamping watches and watch necklaces for years now.
The stainless steel back of this telephone looks like it was never used.
I carefully changed out batter and tested for 24 hours and keeps time!

In an effort to bring new life to these vintage pieces I disinfect, fix components, create chains or keychains to make each piece wearable.

In this case the Telephone I acquired from a vintage and curiosities shop looked as if the prior owner had kept it in a drawer. 
No evidence of being worn.
The vision I got for this unique piece was to show it off with options.
I decided a chain with the ability to remove quickly would be best,
this way it could be clipped to one of my heart keychains and would look lovely
with filigree vintage keys and specially hand picked amethyst Swarovski crystals!
One in green for finale on freshwater pearl and the other in purple!

You will receive your Telephone Necklace and Keychain with the stem pulled out to reserve lithium battery.
Battery is a lithium cell high grade 364.

Length of necklace is over 30 inches as I have added an adjustable extension.
Your gift combo set will arrive gift packaged!

Marked down from $164.00 to 88.00 which includes Free Shipping in the United States!

Thank you for shopping with a family owned business.  Click LIKE at

Have a wonderful day!

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